Where community encourages excellence and global leaders seek Christ joyfully

a global community

 We are students from every corner of the globe who have come to Baltimore to learn, explore, and grow.

a culture of excellence

We are committed to encouraging one another in the pursuit of excellence in our work and our studies.


seeking christ joyfully

We are all at different points in our spiritual journeys, yet we all seek the life of joy and peace that Jesus offers. 

There are many international houses.

There are many Christian ministries for international students.

There are few that combine the two.

We'd love to show you around

Explore our Tour page to see what the International House is like.

And if you are already in the Baltimore area, email us and stop by!

Americans, we need you too!

Do you enjoy getting to know people from different cultures?

Are you sensitive to the Bible's call to show hospitality to foreigners?

Do you want to invest in the growth of the gospel of Jesus across the globe? 

Like what you see? Let's talk.

We accept applications year-round. On our Apply page, you can learn about the application process and submit your application.