Hi, I'm Moriyike.

My name is Moriyike Mejabi, and I’m from Nigeria, West Africa. I grew up in a very historic, moderately populated city- it has so much character and you feel like you know everyone in it! I got my bachelors degree in Computer Science from Covenant University, Nigeria. I also recently finished my masters program in Information Security at Johns Hopkins University. I now work in an advertising technology company in Baltimore. I really like good food, music and great movies. I also hope to one day play the guitar during worship (as soon as I learn).

I joined the International house in Jan, 2017, and it’s been such a warm community. I think we do most of our bonding in the kitchen when we try out each others meals- it’s also shown me that I need to cook healthier dishes! 

Hello, I'm Lionel!

Hello, my name is Lionel and I come from a little tiny red dot in South East Asia, the sunny island of Singapore. I am crazy about science and because of that, it has brought me to Baltimore to pursue my PhD at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

I moved into the International House in August 2016 and have totally and thoroughly enjoyed the diversity of the different roommates, learning about different cultures and bonding through yummy food and stories.

Hello, I'm Nagat!

My name is Nagat El Demerdash. I come from Cairo, Egypt. I grew up in Cairo and I went to medical school over there. After I finished my MD degree, I went to Madrid, Spain where I started an international program for my PhD degree in Neuroscience in 2010. Then I went to Oslo, Norway to finish my international program and I have spent the last 3 years travelling and attending various international conferences in Europe as a part of my program. I received my International MD/PhD degree in Neuroscience in July 2014.  I arrived in Baltimore last summer on August 15th to join John Hopkins School of Medicine as a postdoc.

I joined the International House on August 14th 2016, and since the first day, I have the feeling that I am home. It is a very nice house and my housemates all are good to each other- we are kind of a family! I got my first guitar from one of my housemates and I also started learning the basics of playing guitar as well. Also, I learned a lot about other different cultures and cooking as well. I am lucky to be part of this house!

Hi, I'm Karen.

K. Gonzalez.jpg

My name is Karen Gonzalez, and I am an immigrant from Guatemala. I grew up in a suburb of Tampa, Florida and went to the University of South Florida where I studied English Education. After teaching in the Tampa public school system for a few years, I worked as an English teacher in central Kazakhstan. Upon returning from this life-changing experience, I went to Fuller Theological Seminary to pursue an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies. I now live and work in Baltimore in church engagement for immigration advocacy.

I moved into the International House in August 2016. I love the community here, especially learning to cook international dishes from my wonderful housemates. I also love movies, writing, going to baseball games, and playing with our house kitty, Scully.

你好, my name is Xiling!

My name is Xiling Yin, and I grew up in Qingdao, China, which is a beautiful coastal city and famous for its delicious seafood and beer. I went to Japan after I graduated from Peking University, and got my PhD at Tokyo University, specializing in neuroscience. Currently I am working at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as a postdoc.

I have joined the International House since April 2015. We build a family here. We love each other, care about each other and support each other. Lots of fun has been, is being, and will be built in our International House. I always love to learn different cultures. I also like sports (jogging, swimming, mountain climbing, etc), watching movies, drinking coffee and talking.

Hello, I'm Zach.

I’m from the hot and humid island of Singapore and hope I can bring a little warmth to the house.

I’ve been at Johns Hopkins since 2014 doing a MS in robotics.  

I love the house for its international flavor, and it is where my cooking journey started.  

In my leisure, I like to read non-fiction books and solve puzzles and prefer to exercise more (when properly motivated).”

Hi, I'm Aubrey.

Hello! My name is Aubrey, and I am currently serving as “House Leader” of the International House.  That means I help orient people when they move in, organize activities, etc.).

I am an American citizen, but grew up in Manila, Philippines, where my parents served (and still serve!) as missionaries. I returned to the US after graduating from high school to attend college in the Chicago area, then moved to Baltimore for graduate school.

Here I am on the beach at the Philippines over Christmas.

Here I am on the beach at the Philippines over Christmas.

I am currently a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where I was hired after finishing my master’s degree in international health – nutrition. I’ve been in Baltimore for three and a half years now, and have grown to love this city for its quirky charms and poignant history.

I love to read and learn about other cultures, cook and try new foods, run and play sports, watch movies and play games and talk. I am involved in a church close to the International House called Faith Christian Fellowship, which is a diverse congregation of people who love internationals also.

My goal at the International House is to foster rich community and a space for cross-cultural dialogue—so my favorite room in the House is probably the kitchen, where many of those conversations (and the most dumpling eating) takes place!