Hello, I'm Nagat!

My name is Nagat El Demerdash. I come from Cairo, Egypt. I grew up in Cairo and I went to medical school over there. After I finished my MD degree, I went to Madrid, Spain where I started an international program for my PhD degree in Neuroscience in 2010. Then I went to Oslo, Norway to finish my international program and I have spent the last 3 years travelling and attending various international conferences in Europe as a part of my program. I received my International MD/PhD degree in Neuroscience in July 2014.  I arrived in Baltimore last summer on August 15th to join John Hopkins School of Medicine as a postdoc.

I joined the International House on August 14th 2016, and since the first day, I have the feeling that I am home. It is a very nice house and my housemates all are good to each other- we are kind of a family! I got my first guitar from one of my housemates and I also started learning the basics of playing guitar as well. Also, I learned a lot about other different cultures and cooking as well. I am lucky to be part of this house!