Hello, I'm Zach.

I’m from the hot and humid island of Singapore and hope I can bring a little warmth to the house.

I’ve been at Johns Hopkins since 2014 doing a MS in robotics.  

I love the house for its international flavor, and it is where my cooking journey started.  

In my leisure, I like to read non-fiction books and solve puzzles and prefer to exercise more (when properly motivated).”

Hi, I'm Aubrey.

Hello! My name is Aubrey, and I am currently serving as “House Leader” of the International House.  That means I help orient people when they move in, organize activities, etc.).

I am an American citizen, but grew up in Manila, Philippines, where my parents served (and still serve!) as missionaries. I returned to the US after graduating from high school to attend college in the Chicago area, then moved to Baltimore for graduate school.

Here I am on the beach at the Philippines over Christmas.

Here I am on the beach at the Philippines over Christmas.

I am currently a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where I was hired after finishing my master’s degree in international health – nutrition. I’ve been in Baltimore for three and a half years now, and have grown to love this city for its quirky charms and poignant history.

I love to read and learn about other cultures, cook and try new foods, run and play sports, watch movies and play games and talk. I am involved in a church close to the International House called Faith Christian Fellowship, which is a diverse congregation of people who love internationals also.

My goal at the International House is to foster rich community and a space for cross-cultural dialogue—so my favorite room in the House is probably the kitchen, where many of those conversations (and the most dumpling eating) takes place!